# Selecting sheets and columns

# Selecting one specific sheet

If you want to select a single sheet, you can use ->selectSheets($name). Only that sheet will be loaded.


# Selecting multiple sheets

If you want to select multiple sheets inside your file, you can pass an array as the parameter;

Excel::selectSheets('sheet1', 'sheet2')->load();

# Selecting sheets by index

// First sheet

// First and second sheet
Excel::selectSheetsByIndex(0, 1)->load();

# Selecting columns

If you want to select only a couple of columns, you can use ->select($columns) or pass an array as the first parameter of ->get($columns).

// Select
$reader->select(array('firstname', 'lastname'))->get();

// Or
$reader->get(array('firstname', 'lastname'));

All get methods (like all(), first(), dump(), toArray(), ...) accept an array of columns.