# Store on server

To store the created file on the server, use ->store($ext, $path = false, $returnInfo = false) or ->save().

# Normal export to default storage path

By default the file will be stored inside the storage/exports folder, which has been defined in the export.php config file.

Excel::create('Filename', function($excel) {

    // Set sheets


# Normal export to custom storage path

If you want to use a custom storage path (e.g. to separate the files per client), you can set the folder as the second parameter.

->store('xls', storage_path('excel/exports'));

# Store and export


# Store and return storage info

If you want to return storage information, set the third paramter to true or change the config setting inside export.php.

->store('xls', false, true);
Key Explanation
full Full path with filename
path Path without filename
file Filename
title File title
ext File extension

Make sure your storage folder is writable!