# Sheet styling

# General styling

If you want to change the general styling of your sheet (not cell or range specific), you can use the ->setStyle() method.

// Set font with ->setStyle()`
    'font' => array(
        'name'      =>  'Calibri',
        'size'      =>  15,
        'bold'      =>  true

# Fonts

To change the font for the current sheet use ->setFont($array):

    'family'     => 'Calibri',
    'size'       => '15',
    'bold'       => true

# Separate setters

// Font family
$sheet->setFontFamily('Comic Sans MS');

// Font size

// Font bold

# Borders

You can set borders for the sheet, by using:

// Sets all borders

// Set border for cells
$sheet->setBorder('A1', 'thin');

// Set border for range
$sheet->setBorder('A1:F10', 'thin');

Go to the reference guide to see a list of available border styles