# Contribution Guide

# Bug fixes

ALL bug fixes should be made to appropriate branch (e.g. 1.1 for 1.1.* bug fixes). Bug fixes should never be sent to the master branch.

# Pull Requests

Every pull request should pass the unit tests. If you include new functionality, make sure you include a test. Pull requests will be evaluated and possibly added to the next stable release.

# Feature Requests

If you have an idea for a new feature you would like to see added to Laravel Excel, you may create an issue on GitHub with [Request] in the title. The feature request will then be reviewed by @Maatwebsite.

# Coding Guidelines

Laravel, and therefore Maatwebsite's Laravel Excel follows the PSR-0 (opens new window) and PSR-1 (opens new window) coding standards. In addition to these standards, below is a list of other coding standards that should be followed:

  • Namespace declarations should be on the same line as <?php.
  • Class opening { should be on the same line as the class name.
  • Function and control structure opening { should be on a separate line.
  • Interface and Trait names are suffixed with Interface (FooInterface) and Trait (FooTrait) respectively.