# Support

Our software is free and open source, meaning that the use of our software is optional. We hold no liability and there is no obligation to support. We will provide support on a best effort basis.

If you use the software commercially and need elaborate support or need it urgently, we can offer this on a commercial basis. Please contact info@maatwebsite.nl or via phone +31 (0)10 744 9312.

# Supported Versions

Versions will be supported for a limited amount of time.

Version Laravel Version Php Version Support
2.1 <=5.6 <=7.0 EOL since 15-05-2018
3.0 ^5.5 ^7.0 New features

PHP version support

Support for PHP versions will only be maintained for a period of six months beyond the end-of-life of that PHP version.

# Requesting support

Before you request support, please check the following:

  • Attempt to replicate the problem, to ensure that it wasn't a coincidental incident.
  • Check to make sure your support request isn't already present within the project.
  • Check the pull requests tab to ensure that the bug doesn't have a fix in progress.
  • Use the issue template (opens new window).

Filling out the template is required. Issues that do not include enough information might not be picked up. Please write in English (or Dutch).

Please prefix your issue with one of the following: [BUG] [PROPOSAL] [QUESTION].

And please be considerate towards maintainers when raising issues.