# Export concerns

Interface Explanation
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\FromCollection Use a Laravel Collection to populate the export.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\FromQuery Use an Eloquent query to populate the export.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\FromView Use a (Blade) view to populate the export.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithTitle Set the Workbook or Worksheet title.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithHeadings Prepend a heading row.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithMapping Format the row before it's written to the file.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithColumnFormatting Format certain columns.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithMultipleSheets Enable multi-sheet support. Each sheet can have its own concerns (except this one).
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\ShouldAutoSize Auto-size the columns in the worksheet.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithStrictNullComparison Uses strict comparisions when testing cells for null value.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithEvents Register events to hook into the PhpSpreadsheet process.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithCustomQuerySize Allows Exportables that implement the FromQuery concern, to provide their own custom query size.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithCustomCsvSettings Allows to run custom Csv settings for this specific exportable.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithCharts Allows to run one or multiple PhpSpreadsheet Chart instances.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithDrawings Allows to run one or multiple PhpSpreadsheet (Base)Drawing instances.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\WithCustomStartCell Allows to specify a custom start cell. Do note that this is only supported for FromCollection exports.

# Traits

Trait Explanation
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\Exportable Add download/store abilities right on the export class itself.
Maatwebsite\Excel\Concerns\RegistersEventListeners Auto-register the available event listeners.