# Contributing

Please read and understand the contribution guide before creating an issue or pull request.

# Etiquette

This project is an open source project, and as such, the maintainers use their free time to build and maintain it. The code is freely available and can be used, forked and modified.

Please be considerate towards maintainers when raising issues or presenting pull requests.

It's the duty of the maintainer to ensure that all submissions to the project are of sufficient quality to benefit the project. Many developers have different skill sets, strengths, and weaknesses. Respect the maintainer's decision, and do not be upset or abusive if your submission is not used.

# Viability

When requesting or submitting new features, first consider whether it might be useful to others. Open source projects are used by many developers, who may have entirely different needs to your own. Think about whether or not your feature is likely to be used by other users of the project.

# How to submit changes?

  • Check the codebase to ensure that your feature doesn't already exist.
  • Check the pull requests to ensure that another person hasn't already submitted the feature or fix.
  • Use the pull request template (opens new window).

# How to report a bug?

  • Attempt to replicate the problem, to ensure that it wasn't a coincidental incident.
  • Check to make sure your bug report isn't already present within the project.
  • Check the pull requests tab to ensure that the bug doesn't have a fix in progress.
  • Check the pull requests tab to ensure that the feature isn't already in progress.
  • Use the bug template (opens new window).

# Requirements